Date Created: September 2020 (Professional Project)
Medium: Adobe Suite

Reading Time is a digital storytelling platform conceptualized during my internship at TODA, NYC. The design firm has its own publishing brand called DERT, which stands for Deep Enhancement of Reader Technology. 
DERT is a socially conscious brand that promotes early childhood literacy. The brand repackages and redesigns classic literature stories from the perspective of emerging student designers. 
DERT Books Created by Emerging Student Designers
The Online Presence
During my internship at TODA (DERT) in early 2020, I worked on creating an online platform to access the books already designed and published by DERT. The goal was to not just allow the users to view the pages but to create an engaging reading experience. 
Making the Logo (Experiments)
The Final Logo

This is the logo I conceptualized and created (in collaboration with the TODA founder) for the online platform that would house the digital storybooks. The logo reads "Reading Time" and is meant to make to make the reader experience a sense of warmth and playfulness in a virtual setting.
The Dumb Book by DERT
The first book converted from a physical space to digital one was the The Dumb Book. The original book was written by Hans Christian Andersen and has been repackaged and designed by an emerging student designer named Cindy Dawon, who designed and illustrated each page of the novel. The paperback version of the Dumb book can be seen on the left hand side in the image below.

On the right hand side is an image that represents the digital version of the dumb book. I re-sized the book spreads to single-page screens so as to fit the standard phone size. While animating the pages, I added a voice over audio of my own voice so as the reader can hear the book as they read it.
The Digital Version
Below are a screen recording of the Audio/Visual version of the entire Dumb Book. These will soon be accessible via media sharing platforms such as Instagram stories / highlights and Youtube.
Accessibility Constrains​​​​​​​
The animations were created primarily using After Effects. The video below is a screen recording of novel being accessed via Instagram stories. Each story represents one spread from the book. However due to constrains of Instagram allowing only 15 second stories, pages with longer text span across 2-3 stories, causing a break in the voice over and background music during the transition.