Date Created: October 2019 (Academic Project)
Medium: Adobe Suite
Book Size: 4.75 in x 7 in
Video Duration: 2:10 mins
Project Partner: Khe Nguyen

Human Trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. It is known to be a $150 billion low risk, high profit industry. 80% of trafficking victims are women and children. This project focuses on creating a digital and print media campaign to raise awareness about the issue.
Target Audience
 This Ad campaign is targeted at art and literature enthusiasts and motivational speakers who cover contemporary social and political issues. Professionals in the art field are in a unique position to spread awareness and start a movement by using innovative and engaging methods. The products of this campaign would be promoted at events such as open mics, TED talks, and spoken word poetry readings.​​​​​​​
Reversible Poem
The poem below has been printed in the book. When read from top to bottom, the poem has a rather negative tone and concludes that Human Trafficking is heinous crime that is impossible to prevent. However, when read from bottom to top, the same poem has a hopeful tone and strives to eradicate trafficking from society. Each line is on a different page of the book and thus the book can be read both ways.
Book that can be Read Both Ways
Digital Campaign
The book was accompanied by a video wherein different people recite each sentence of the poem. The entire video is then played backward, similar to the concept of the book
The digital aspect of the campaign relies on social media and video sharing platforms. The campaign makes use of Instagram stories to feature different people narrating individual lines of the poem. The story thread can then be viewed backward to hear the poem in reverse. The entire video can be found on youtube as well. 
Products From The Entire Promotion Campaign