Date Created: 2018/2019 (Professional Projects)
Medium: Adobe Suite

1. Lighthouse Foundation, Mumbai
2. One To World, New York
3. Atmasantosh Foundation, Mumbai

1. Lighthouse Foundation, Mumbai
The Lighthouse foundation is a social organization founded in 2018 in Mumbai. Initially, the organization was conceptualized as a space for children from underserved communities to take part in extra curricular activities such as debates and sports. Now, it has grown to have a greater purpose. Lighthouse aims to bridge the social and technological gap created between the privileged and under privileged communities due large scale poverty in India. The bright colors and defined image of the iconic Bombay lighthouse present in the logo aim to create a fun-loving and relatable identity. 
The branding set contains a folder, visiting card, trifold brochure, letter head, envelope, and a donation slip.
This image above was conceptualized as the original logo I created for the foundation.
However I redesigned it in 2019. 
Below are images of the Branding set for the initiative.
2. One To World, New York City
One To World is a non profit based in NYC that aims to advance global cooperation. The organization fosters intercultural understanding by creating face-to-face experiences among local communities, international students and Fulbright scholars. I was asked to encapsulate One To World's mission through graphic design for the merchandise sold on their online gift shop. The image above is my creation for One To World's merchandise collection. 

Click the image to view the online shop
3. Atmasantosh Foundation, Mumbai
The above image is a logo created for Atmasantosh Foundation.  This non-profit organization based in Mumbai aspiring to promote education, health and rural development. It was founded in 2018. Below is an image of the logo + branding set I created for the foundation. It include templates for visiting cards, donation slips, letter heads, envelopes and folders. 

Click the image to check out the website!