Date Created: May 2021 (Immersive Installation Exploration)
Medium: Touch Designer
Using Touch Designer, I explored how three dimensional spaces can react to real-time input such as sound and camera. I designed a prototype of a possible immersive space that showcases the feeling of the endless TikTok scroll. 
TikTok is a video-sharing and content creation app most popular among Gen-Z. The social networking service is owned by Chinese company and is a hub for the modern culmination of eastern and western cultures. The addictive, energetic and compact nature of the platform has been represented within the installation prototype. The working network and prototype video viewed below.
The Network
Audio/Video Reactive: Immersive Installation
For the recorded prototype, I would like to explore ways I could use the dynamic camera for the scene. 
Moreover, in a real life setting, it would be impactful to create and showcase unique camera filters for the audience to engage themselves while moving in front of the screen.