Date Created: April 2021
Mediums: After Effects, Cinema4D, TouchDesigner
In March 2020 the entire world went into lockdown. These three short films represent my personal experience in quarantine over the the span of three months. The films have pop culture references and target Millennials and GenZs.

Video 1: Showcases the apps I used most frequently during lockdown.

Video 2: Picks up slogans from the brands and products I used most. These slogans served as personal affirmations and positivity during a time of chaos and disruption.

Video 3: Was made in TouchDesigner. It specifically highlights the heightened use of TikTok and showcases humorous trends during the lockdown. Listening to music that was popular on the app during that time, brings out a sense of nostalgia associated with early lockdown days for TikTok users. This video captures the addictive and energetic nature of TikTok within a 3D space. The screens on the left showcase video content. The screens on right side are a projection of abstract visuals that were in motion due to a live camera video input. The visual architecture shown in the video is a prototype for a potential immersive installation.
Video 1: Life In Quarantine
Video 2: Brand Slogan Motivation
Video 3: Lockdown TikTok Immersive Installation
For Video 3, I would like to explore methods in which I could use the dynamic camera for the scene. 
Moreover in a real life setting, it would be impactful to create and showcase unique camera filters for the audience to engage themselves while moving in front of the screen.